Christians say God is three-in-one

See their explanation of trinity / 8 minutes

Free Bible study

This is not a typical look-up-our-verses

and fill-in-our-blanks type of Bible study.

This is a thought-provoking 10-part presentation of Christian belief that encourages participants to find verses in the Bible themselves, and discuss them together, to affirm or refute key points in the presentation, in order to develop deep personal faith.

Is this suitable for our group?

FaithExplorer consists of ten 7-minute online videos and ten 2-page PDF pages which clearly and concisely explain the whole of Christian belief in a reasoned and compelling modern way. The videos are not talking heads, but animated graphics, text and photos to maximize comprehension and retention.

FaithExplorer is non-denominational, suited for a wide spectrum of Christian faith. This Bible study is produced by a nonprofit foundation that has no connection to any church, college or religious organization. You can use and distribute these materials freely without any copyright restrictions.

The videos can be watched on computers, smart phones (iPhones, Droids, BlackBerrys, etc.), iPads, cable TV (YouTube channel) and movie screens (using projector and DVD).

If your group meets at a place that doesn’t have good Internet connection, you can request a free DVD from

DVDs are available at so you can forward them to members of your group by email or print pages on your desktop printer for personal hand-out.

What will be the result in our lives?

FaithExplorer will develop a clear and concise understanding of Christian faith for members of your group, and will help them learn how to share their faith in an intelligent and persuasive manner.

Also, it gives them a lasting tool ( for dialog with others. The materials can be passed along easily by email and social networking.

Where do we get the actual Bible verses?

FaithExplorer covers the whole of Christian belief and therefore is a summary of hundreds of Bible passages.

FaithExplorer works cooperatively with the Online Parallel Bible Project (known as Biblos, Greek for ‘record’) which has online translations of the Bible in all major versions and languages, including original Greek and Greek interlinear, plus dozens of cross-referenced Bible dictionaries and commentaries.

You don’t have to go to the book store and buy expensive books. Everything you need is available to you now online, instantly, and free, at the site below.

To see the actual supporting Bible passages for any statement made in FaithExplorer, click this link and enter the word or topic.

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